newcdb Silicon Labs EC2 Silicon Labs EC2 Silicon Labs EC2


  • Read / Write microprocessors Flash memory
  • Source level debugging
  • Aims to support all Silicon Labs CIP-51 core processors

Supported Debug Adaptors

Adapter Comments Interface Support level
EC2 Works ok, JTAG and C2 RS232 Complete
EC3 Works ok, JTAG and C2 USB Complete
Toolstick-EK Works like EC3 USB Complete
ToolStick F330 DC or others with usb_product_id = 0x8253 Works like EC3 without debugger bootloader USB Implemented (in SVN trunk) but needs testing. Please report success / failure

ec2drv Supported Microprocessors

This page reflects the devices and adaptors supported in the current CVS head. The released version 0.4 is well behind this.
Although specific processors like F310 are listed below in most cases the whole family F31x is likly to just work.

Processor Comments Interface Support level
8051F02x Fully Tested JTAG Complete
8051F12x Fully tested JTAG Supported
8051F30x Fully tested C2 Supported
8051F31x Fully tested C2 Supported
8051F34x Fully Tested C2 Supported
8051F35x Fully Tested C2 Supported
8051F53x Fully Tested C2 Supported

To report a particular processor works or to request help in getting an unsupported processor working please use theSupport Tracker.

Thanks to James Davis I now have enough information to get device ID's out of the devices and this means we are likly to see support for most devices quite quickly now.

I'm keen to add support for the other cygnal processors but need your help. If you have an EC2/EC3 or toolstick and a board with any non supported processor and are willing to capture some test data, don't hesitate to contact me using the above support tracker.
Adding support for new processors isn't actually too hard, It just requires a dump of the (RS232 communications or USB) initialisation sequence plus dumps of accesses to any special features of that processor. I can provide guidance if necessary to get the correct data.
Once I have the data it shoulden't take too long to get the new processor supported.